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What does IMD offer to its clients?

IMD designs, produces and delivers 0-16 total-look clothing all over the world. Collections are the concrete expression of a constant search in style and high-quality standards in full respect of target pricing in a view to obtain the optimal level of sales.
The in-house management of corporate strategic steps guarantees quality; the departments are divided into Style, CAD, Sales, Production, Raw Materials Warehouse and Finite Products Warehouse where a system of RFID labelling is employed.

Our software can provide, upon customers’ request, standard file formats that track each delivery notes of purchased products.
IMD can deliver products both in boxes and in baulettos for hanging garments, in Italy and abroad, with any transporter (Containers, Flights, Express Couriers) and by issuing all necessary documents (translated invoices, certificates of origin, Packing List etc.) The established experience makes IMD the ideal high-profile partner providing collection in Private Label formula too with the utmost degree of confidentiality.

What does the Style Department do?

The Department designs the samples by:

  • Participating to briefings
    • Sales data collection with comparison to the corresponding previous season;
    • Setting-up of the pattern book (pieces, type, etc.)
  • Pursuing the research by:
    • Travelling across the world to seize global trends and competitors’ positioning;
    • Participating in Fairs for Raw materials (Paris, Milan) and for Finite Products (Pitti Bimbo).
  • Meeting representatives of raw materials for sampling:
  • Fashion plates realization
  • Prototypes perfecting
  • Definition of fields of samples

What does the Production Department do?

The Production Department draws the six-month production plan (sampling and production) where all activities are planned for seasonal orders.
The department digitalizes the different samples, signs contracts with external labs, launches productions, prints the washing/barcode/rfid labels, coordinates all workers involved in the production process until the delivery of ordered clothes to the finite product warehouse.

What does the Raw Material Sales Department do?

The Raw Material Sales Department collaborates with the Style Department (Accessories and Fabrics), assigns internal codes, creates the data sheets in computer system, buys raw materials destined to sampling and production, deals with suppliers in order that deliveries are made on time.

What does the Raw Material Warehouse do?

The Raw Material Warehouse checks suppliers’ raw materials, controls that materials fit sampling and the production orders in terms of type, metre, colour.
In case of positive feedback, the team alerts the Sales Department and stocks raw materials in the warehouse.
When the Production department launches the production, the Warehouse prepares all needed raw materials and transport documents per supplier.

What does the Finite Products Warehouse do?

The Finite Products Warehouse checks suppliers and labs’ finite products and controls that the sampling fits the production orders in terms of type, metre, colour.
In case of positive feedback, the team alerts the Production Department and divides products per customer by assigning slots in the warehouse.
The Department defines customers’ delivery priorities and prepares shipping with related transport documents.

What does the Quality Control Department do?

The Quality Control Department ensures that all clothes respect measures and models of samples approved by the Style and CAD Departments.

What does the CAD Department do?

The CAD Department receives fashion plates sent by the Style Department and creates the industrial shaping, digitalizing it in computer systems. The first shaping is prototypical, the second aims at removing defects in the model; at this point the prototype is transformed into a sample with measures and related processing steps. During the production process, the Department develops all sizes according to customers’ orders.

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